Riga Old Town

When visiting Riga in Latvia, you must see the Riga Old Town and most famous buildings there. Astor Riga Hotel in Riga Old Town is only 5 minutes of walking from most of those sightseeing places.

House of Blackheads

Originally built in 1344, but destroyed in wars was rebuilt in 2001 with care to keep this building original structure and ornamentation. Blackheads house is one of the most commonly used building in pictures when describing Riga architecture. nami.riga.lv

St.Peter’s Cathedral

This church is known for everybody who has seen Riga panoramic view. St. Peters Cathedral has been in several city fires and its tower has been collapsed few times but this tower has been built up several times and with smashing results. You can take the lift to St Peter’s Cathedral’s observation platform and see the spectacular views of the city.

Dome Cathedral

The foundation stone of Riga Dome Cathedral was laid on July 25, 1211. The last large-scale restoration took place in the late 19th century when the cathedral acquired its present appearance. Today, the premises holds services and various concerts. One of the highlights of the cathedral is the famous organ that was made in 1884. Dome Cathedral has become a symbol of the Old Town of Riga. www.doms.lv

Riga Castle

Riga Castle has stood on the right bank of the Daugava for more than 700 years. Through the centuries, it saw severe destruction, numerous rulers and wars. Today it houses the residence of the President of Latvia and a Latvian National History Museum. www.history-museum.lv

Riga St. Jacobs Cathedral

Riga St. Jacob’s Cathedral is the smallest one among the four Old Town churches; however, its belfry has best maintained the features characteristic to Medieval Riga churches. From the very beginning up to the Reformation period, the building belonged to the Roman Catholic Church and was the center of Latvian spiritual life. Later (1523-1582), it became the first church in Riga to house a Latvian Lutheran congregation. www.catholic.lv