Hotel history


ASTOR RIGA Hotel & Conference is situated in two fabulous buildings which are located in Zigfrids Anna Meirovica street – named in honor of the first Minister of Foreign affairs of independent Latvia.

Both buildings are the result of f the most lucrative and popular architect of the second half of the 19th century – Janis Baumanis, whose touch is present in more than half of the buildings in the city. Two year period splits the construction dates of these buildings: 1876 was the year when the first building was raised, and the second followed in 1878. Kristaps Morbergs, the biggest Latvian real estate developer of the time and one of the most generous people of the age, whose name even today bears the most prestigious academic scholarship of the University of Latvia, was the first owner of the property.

Several members of the elite of Latvian society  lived in the building of Zigfrids Anna Meierovics street 10. The list includes a famous politician, the deputy of Saeima and the editor of the newspaper «Latvijas Vestnesis» Janis Vesmanis, the rector of the University of Latvia, ophthalmologist Janis Ruberts, the dean of the University of Latvia, engineer Alexander Bankin. Meanwhile Zigfrida Anna Meirovica street 12 is famous for residents like Professor E. Balodis, head of the Latvian government Adolfs Blednieks, an aviation pioneer and a journalist Rudolf Celms, a popular photographer K. Cancer, the pianist M. Hogberg and many more.

The ground floor was ideally tailored for business and creative society. The most popular art gallery «Kunstverein», the management rooms and operating hall of Riga Union Bank, a shop of dental supplies of J. Grinblats, printing house and production company “Latvijas Darzs”, a plant of B. F Mueller which produced orders and decorations, as well as other small offices and law firms were located in the building.

After the transfer of the building as a donation to the University of Latvia, buildings have not only preserved the aura of the previous owners and guests, but have multiplied it.

ASTOR RIGA Hotel & Conference radiates historic soul,  intelligence and the spirit of enlightenment.